Cleaning Hacks

  • To clean a microwave: take a clean cloth, make it soaking wet, place it in the microwave and run it for 30 seconds. The steam will dislodge all the grease and grime. Just wipe with a clean dry cloth after.

  • Use Magic Eraser on scuff marks in a white tub.

  • Use old stiff toothbrushes and Barkeeper’s Friend to remove build up around faucets.

  • Use pumice stone stick to remove hard water build up inside the toilet bowl.

  • Use Barkeeper’s Friend (gel) to remove hard water build up on shower glass.

  • Use degreaser inside the standard shower cabin. This gets rid of body oils and cleaning products’ oil build up.

  • To do mirrors streak-free: take a clean dish sponge, soaked in hot water and Dawn. Liberally apply all over the mirror. Wipe down with clean, wet microfiber cloth top down in a zigzag pattern, pushing everything down (as opposed to circular motion). Works on window glass too.

  • To do laminate floors streak-free. Use cleaning alcohol spray and polish with dry microfiber cloth.

  • Before mopping floors - vacuum them first, especially the corners.

  • Use dryer sheets on freshly dusted black surfaces. They remove static and repel dust particles.

  • Vacuum window railings with a tube attachment - there are always dead bugs and debris there.

  • To check if your counters are clean, use your bare hand and touch the surface to see if you feel any crumbs.


To achieve a really amazing result cleaning - be prepared to spend 3–4 times the hours you normally do. That's what it takes.