1. We work in teams.

  2. We are mindful of children's access to cleaning supplies.

  3. We request that all pets were safely secured away for the duration of service.

  4. We require that any weapons are safely secured away for the duration of service.

  5. We keep cleaning supplies organized and safely located near the employees.

  6. We do not climb heights beyond company provided three-step ladders.

  7. We do not clean inside glass cabinets.

  8. We do not wipe glass lighting fixtures above bathroom mirrors (as they are usually quite fragile).

  9. We use green chemicals where possible, especially for homes with children and people with compromised immune system.

  10. We use masks and gloves where heavier chemicals are necessary (e.g. vacant homes post-move-out).

  11. We arrive before the appointment to avoid rushing and errors.

  12. We wipe any spilled water immediately.

  13. We use customers' vacuum cleaners when possible, to avoid contamination with pet hair allergens.

  14. We leave all debris including from vacuum containers in customer's garage or trash bin (to facilitate search in case of missing small items). We've only had two occasions where items were missing - both subsequently found not in the trash - but having all refuse.