1. You’ll hear from us!

Once you book, our amazing office staff reviews every details of your order, confirming the address, size of your home, mention of any pets, and notes any special requests. You will then get a confirmation that you’re good to go and we’re all set.

To be sure that you don’t forget about our date, we will send you e-mails and texts - that’s when our clients do a small happy dance. :)

2. We meet your home

On the day of the cleaning, our field team selected specifically for your home and uniformed in our beautiful navy shirts with golden star logos will appear on your doorstep. They will be the friendliest service personnel you’ve ever met and they will greet you with a warm smile. They will have a look at your home to make sure we can get the job done and make you happy within the planned time. If more time is needed, our office will reach out to you to discuss the options and the best plan. Our job is to give you a delightful experience and a big part of it is matching our resources to your needs.

We select our staff for empathy and intelligence. And we love them. Please take a good care of them while they’re at your home by keeping a comfortable temperature, securing any pets (that’s for their protection too!) and removing any biohazards (aka animal or human waste, insects, etc.) Having less clutter helps us too so we can get access to the surfaces that need to be deep-cleaned


3. We apply magic to your home!

At this point you can leave your home in our capable hands. We will spend hours scrubbing, polishing, and shining every surface. We are trained to clean with love. And we will clean for you as if we were cleaning for our grandma. After we’re all done, your team will show you the results and ask if everything is to your liking. Don’t be shy and tell us if we’ve missed something. Even though we look like angels, we’re human and may inadvertently overlook something. If there was anything that we could’ve done better, please let us know - we’re all ears. We appreciate your kindness and effort in helping us become a better company!

If you’re truly delighted, let us know - we thrive on making you happy. Your tips are never expected but always appreciated. What’s even more appreciated - is your sincere and kind review.

Of course, we would love to come back and keep you as our customer for life. Mention it to our field or our office staff and we will happily reach out to discuss your budget and needs and set it up for you.


4. Enjoy!

The skies open up. The unicorns sing.

Your card gets charged (but only if you loved the service).

Enjoy the gleaming surfaces, the fresh air, and the time with your loved ones.