Best Way to clean hard water stains

Number one issue for Las Vegas homeowners when it comes to cleaning their homes  - the hard water stains.  They get on the shower doors and look so ugly and sad.   Super annoying!

We've researched and tested the cleaning techniques and materials and discovered that the best way to clean the hard water stains off shower doors - Barkeeper's Friend gel.  You have to apply it liberally and let it sit for five minutes (very important!).  Afterwards, wash it off with a hot water and dishwashing sponge.  

Add some shine with a glasscleaner afterwards and you're all set! 

Growing Pains

Being one of the busiest house cleaning companies in Vegas doesn't come without a price.  Sometimes our maid or a team of maids calls out for personal reasons.  Other times our clients cancel at the last moment - for example, due to a flu.  Whenever that happens, all of our teams have to make adjustments and suffer a bit - from too much work.  Or, not enough work.  

On a bright side of things, it just emphases the very fundamental fact that this is a people's business. It's very hard to replace the care and the love that our staff puts into making our clients' homes beautiful and stress-free. It's just as rewarding for the clients as it is for us. 

How To Spot An A-Player

How To Spot An A-Player

Every employer has her own definition of the ideal employee.  But most would probably describe an A-player as: intelligent, dedicated, energetic, independent, focused, organized, kind, and with excellent communication skills.  Do these employees exist?  This morning I spent an hour on the phone with Sears’ representatives trying to understand why they kept canceling my online order for clothes dryers.  They had no explanation.  And no solution...