Housekeeping jobs in Las Vegas

Yesterday, I've met with the fellow house cleaning business owner here in Vegas.  We were discussing the labor market and how we are competing with the hotels offering house keeping jobs to professional maids. 

While hotels' housekeeping jobs pay more per hour, the pace is frenetic and stressful.  Housekeepers don't get to see the clients (guests) appreciating the results of their hard work. The gratitude or a monetary reward from an employer in a housekeeping job for hotel is a rare thing.  In contrast, we truly care about every employee we have, provide flexibility and support their personal and professional jobs.

Make housekeeping jobs great again!  I kid.  But seriously, house keeping jobs are awesome: you get to make someone's life 100% better by giving them a healthy and beautiful home, take away their stress, improve their health, bond with their family and pets.  It's a constant motion, so no need for a gym too!