Hard day but a good day

This morning our company car had a flat tire suddenly and super far away from home.  That caused some delays and stress.  But come to think of it, these were the positive things that happened too:

  • the tire blew out in a client's driveway, didn't blow out on the road causing a major accident
  • we found a great towing company (Walker) that delivered the car promptly and safely
  • we found a great tire shop (Discount tire on Lake Mead Blvd) that was quick and with great customer service
  • the second front tire was also unsafe and was replaced, potentially preventing another problem
  • our unsupervised teams still did a fantastic job and we've had a positive feedback from clients
  • everyone pulled their forces together and worked like a great little machine, cheerfully and getting along well

Anyway, everyone's safe and happy.