Cheap and chemical-free product for cleaning your home

As a busy house cleaning company in Las Vegas, we constantly searching for the best products and techniques for cleaning homes.   We are especially interested in the products that are green and don't require aerosol spraying, as many of our clients are allergic or sensitive to that.  Many of our maids are loving the pumice stone.  

It's a small piece of volcanic rock that can be found in any hardware store or a dollar store.  It's cheap (less than $5) and it works like magic.  It's especially great on the toilet rings and rust. Miraculously, it doesn't scratch the porcelain and works on the most stubborn deposits from the hard Vegas water.  

Some of our maids are using the pumice stone to remove the burnt stuff from the stove.  Recently, we've cleaned the house that was in the worst shape I've ever seen: years of neglect, broken faucets and doors, caked on dirt everywhere.  It looked hopeless.  But, those small pumice stones worked their magic again and the disgusting, black toilets that looked like they should be thrown away, looked brand new! Try it, it's magic.