The Story of How Superb Maids Began


My name is Elena and I’m the owner of Superb Maids.  

At the age of 22, I had immigrated to US and enrolled in law school.  Unfortunately, things were pretty rough and I have found myself struggling to keep the food on the table as a single mom, despite waiting tables and doing odd jobs.  One of the most devastating things I had to do was leaving my newborn son with the babysitter so I can go to school and then work. Through many sleepless nights and with a lot of help from kind strangers, I was able to graduate cum laude and became a lawyer, practicing law in Honolulu.

Law was a great profession which I pursued with passion for over a decade.  Unfortunately, it was poorly compatible with family life. Long hours in the office, including the weekends, challenging and demanding work.  After my second son was born, I have made a difficult decision to leave my profession and spend some time with my family. We had the best time - exploring the world and making lifelong memories.

One day, my mother told me that my best childhood friend Nargi was looking for me online.  I hopped on Skype and gave her a call. Her voice was shaking and she held a paper in her hands: “Look what what happened!”  She had won the “green card” lottery and miraculously beat extremely low odds to move to the United States with her family. After much crying and squealing, we started to prepare for the relocation. “Please help me to find a job,” she asked.  “That would be tough as you can’t speak any English and you are an architect who is not licensed here. Plus, you don’t drive.”

We decided to “create” a job for Nargi.  All we had hoped for was to cover her living expenses.  Never in our wildest dreams have we envisioned that we would become the top maid service in Vegas!  We are very proud of our amazing team of 40 employees and that we are able to give them a stable life and ability to build their own American Dream: have a family, buy a home.  

I feel a deep gratitude to our fantastic customers who entrusted us with our homes and gave us an opportunity to provide for our families.  I feel joy that we give our customers time with their loved ones, healthy environment to live, and make their lives better and more beautiful.  Thank you.