Sharp, Meticulous Cleaning Inspector application

Thank you for your interest in this position!  If hired, you will be curating and overseeing approximately 20 vacation rental properties that our company cleans.  While we always do a great job cleaning, we are human, so to bring it to perfection, you will have to drive to these locations with checklists and meticulously check every item that's on the list, cleanliness, sometimes fix the small items that were not done right.  Frequently, if the staff ran out of time to complete the laundry cycle within the cleaning time, you will have to complete it. You will be making the property 100% guest ready. 

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is this a full time position? - Yes, it is.
  2. What is the pay? - We will start with $12/ hour and adjust it according to performance.
  3. Am I compensated for driving time? - Yes.
  4. Is there a gas reimbursement? - Yes.
  5. Are there any benefits? - We offer paid time off after first year, home buying assistance, and performance bonuses.
  6. What is the schedule like? - It will depend on the vacation rentals' check ins and check outs.  Generally they are busiest on weekend and beginning of the week and less busy during the week. 
  7. What is cool about this job? - You will be working independently and pretty much control your schedule. Our company culture is amazing and we are the top-rated home cleaning company in Vegas.
  8. What's not so cool about this job? - Since you are responsible for perfection, any imperfections can be stressful.  Sometimes there are last-minute requests from clients.  You would be basically like a manager for a chain of small hotels.  

If you have the right personality - sharp, organized, meticulous, independent, you would love this job.  If you do not, you (and we) will suffer.

Please help us understand exactly why you are the perfect fit for this position by completing this application.

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Phone number
Do you have a reliable car? *
Please reply truthfully. The car will be absolutely essential as you will be driving between the properties. We will reimburse you for gas, however.
Do you have a valid driver's license? *
Out of state is OK. Out of country not OK. Permit not OK.
Are you comfortable completing long, detailed forms on a daily basis? *
This position requires constant driving between multiple properties. Are you comfortable with this? *
The properties are in 89120 and 89134 zipcodes.
Do you have an eye for detail to notice even tiny imperfections? *
E.g. bedspread positioned in a wrong way, missing cap from a bottle of cooking oil, missing extra toilet paper roll?
Who launders the bed linens in your family?
Pillow cases, sheets, towels.