Summer time...

Running a busy Las Vegas house cleaning company in the summer has its special nuances.  For one, many of our clients are leaving town and go to far away to distant fabulous (and less hot) lands.  Cot D'Azur seems to be a popular choice.  Most prefer to keep their houses on the regular cleaning schedule, which is especially nice for their house-sitters!  Then you have a huge influx of tourists, including to our clients who have vacation rentals.  They seem to be busier than ever.  As for the regular house cleanings, it becomes more interesting, as most people in the Las Vegas valley keep their homes dark and cool.

When we were cleaning homes last June, it was our second month in business.  This would be our first summer as a fully-fledged house cleaning company.  We want to see if there will be a slump in business as most other service companies experience in these hottest months of the year.  So far we haven't felt anything too dramatic, although we can't say we are too busy.  We shall see!

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