Vacation rentals cleaning

Recently, we've been getting an increasing number of vacation rentals' cleaning requests.  How is that type of cleaning different from the regular house cleaning in Las Vegas?

  1. Most important requirement - treating the property as if you were the owner.  When we clean the vacation rental home and see something is wrong, missing, or just off, we immediately take action to correct it as soon as possible.
  2. Availability is critical when it comes to cleaning vacation rental homes.  For our clients, this is a business. The sooner the property can be cleaned and available for next guests, the better.  This means a larger crew on a short notice sometimes is needed.
  3. All-inclusive service is required.  When it comes to vacation rentals cleaning, the property must be ready for guests completely.  This means not only the basics must be covered - like clean floors, kitchen, bathrooms, but also patio, front porch, linens, etc. 
  4. Prompt communication is key.  Vacation rentals' clients need responsiveness.  Many times they are out of state and need responses about the status of their property right away. 

Generally, vacation rental cleaning is not that different from the regular house cleaning in Las Vegas.  But additional layers of customer service support are a must!

7 ways how a clean home helps your love life

Valentine's Day is near.  Here at Superb Maids, we are passionate about clean homes.  That's how we became the best house cleaning company in Las Vegas.  Here are our top 10 ways a clean home helps your love life:

  1. Clean living environment is super good for your physical health.  You will have fewer allergies and fewer episodes of cold and flu.  Health problems are killers of romance.  So, being healthy is an absolute must for your love life!
  2. Clean home is great for your mental health.  While few people get noticeably distressed by a dirty home, almost all will be constantly annoyed by it and unhappy for unexplained reasons.  Conversely, a sparkling fresh home will boost your happiness level.
  3.  If your home is dirty, you can't invite anyone over - friends, family, let alone your romantic interest.  And if you do, they will not form the best opinion of you if they encounter a huge mess and dust bunnies everywhere.  Remember that episode of Friends where Ross was dating a super gorgeous messy girl?
  4. When your home is organized, you can find your clothes, accessories, and makeup easier.  That means you will look better, more pulled together.  That's important for your love life!
  5. If you are already coupled, there maybe a slight tension to outright conflicts over who is going to clean what.  How about a professional house cleaning service?  We can do it for you and exponentially better than what you can do yourself, especially while irritated.
  6. A beautifully clean home will make you smile more and be more relaxed.  That's great for your love life, whether you are single or attached. :D
  7. Once your home is clean, you will not be worried about your family's health - your kids, your pets, as you know they are in a hygienic environment.   This will make you happy.  And more attractive, we promise!

Housekeeping jobs in Las Vegas

Yesterday, I've met with the fellow house cleaning business owner here in Vegas.  We were discussing the labor market and how we are competing with the hotels offering house keeping jobs to professional maids. 

While hotels' housekeeping jobs pay more per hour, the pace is frenetic and stressful.  Housekeepers don't get to see the clients (guests) appreciating the results of their hard work. The gratitude or a monetary reward from an employer in a housekeeping job for hotel is a rare thing.  In contrast, we truly care about every employee we have, provide flexibility and support their personal and professional jobs.

Make housekeeping jobs great again!  I kid.  But seriously, house keeping jobs are awesome: you get to make someone's life 100% better by giving them a healthy and beautiful home, take away their stress, improve their health, bond with their family and pets.  It's a constant motion, so no need for a gym too!



New team members

Recently, we've hired 8 new team members.  This is highly unusual as it's extremely difficult for us to identify even one worthy candidate.  We are constantly searching.  We look for people who are interested in a career in housekeeping or home cleaning and are:

  • bright
  • have positive attitude
  • wholesome
  • hard-working
  • experienced
  • professional
  • compassionate
  • kind
  • responsible
  • independent

That's a rare combination! 

With the variety of housekeeping jobs in Las Vegas, our company stands out by treating our staff very well, providing maximum flexibility in employment terms, housekeeping jobs training, and the best work environment housekeepers can wish for - our clients are amazing! 

Angie's List Super Service award

This morning we received a nice phone call from Angie's List.  We have won 2016 Super Service award for maids which is super duper amazing!  I had to call my partner and congratulate her on getting yet another award as the best house cleaning company in Las Vegas!  We were now #1 on Yelp, Google, and in Review Journal.  Angie's List was the last bastion and the one we weren't really paying attention to, at all!

A friend asked what's our secret. And our secret is definitely our amazing staff - intelligent, beautiful, kind, and ferocious. Love them!

New service - deep cleaning of floors

Based on a strong demand, we decided to offer a deep cleaning of the floors.  Which floors require a deep clean?  Generally, if your tile floors have not been professionally cleaned for several months and your family wears shoes indoors or has multiple pets, you can probably benefit from this service.

Normally, we mop the floors several times with cleaning solution and clean water.  However, deeply embedded dirt and grease may require hand-scrubbing, steaming, dozens of moppings and constant changes of water.  With a regular cleaning service, we will mop the floors multiple times and after several visits over the course of a few months, the floors will gradually become better.  But if you need to restore them to a pristine condition in just one service, then we recommend deep-cleaning them.


8 tips for keeping your home clean between the maids' visits

Everyone loves that amazing feeling that only comes from having your home professionally cleaned: it smells nice, it looks beautiful and sparkly.  But eventually, it fades.  How can you make it last longer?  Here's some advice from our professional house cleaning company in Vegas that cleaned thousands of homes:

  1. Keep your shoes off when inside the house.  Your floors will be 10 times cleaner if you don't track in dust and grass in the house.  For those homes where people don't take their shoes off, it takes us multiple visits of intense scrubbing to bring the floors to a good state.
  2. In the kitchen, wipe down the food splatters as you cook.  When they are fresh, it takes one mili second to wipe them off.  It helps to maintain that pristine look of your kitchen.  Once dry, they are much harder to get rid off and they will be annoying you every time you see them.
  3. Keep clutter out of your home: keep a bin for junk mail in your garage, don't buy seasonal cheap things that are not nice enough to keep forever, and not useful enough to use on everyday basis. 
  4. In the shower - keep a squeegee to keep water off your shower glass door.  Or if you have a curtain - an antibacterial shower curtain liner.  
  5. Keep your surfaces bare.  In most homes, stuff easily piles up everywhere if you're not careful.  If you just put away things in boxes, drawers, or trash bins, even if the surfaces are not perfectly clean, the overall look will be much more clean and organized.
  6. Develop a clothes folding ritual: maybe when watching your favorite show, and get your family members to help.  Otherwise clean laundry quickly accumulates and becomes a big problem.
  7. Keep rarely used parts of your home decluttered and "sealed off."  Many of our clients already know this trick and keep the doors for guest bedrooms closed and windows always closed too.  With virtually no activity, these rooms remain clean and require minimal maintenance.  
  8. Manage your pet's fur.  Most of our clients love their pets as their kids.  But their pet hair drives many people crazy.  It's helpful to use a Furminator or another effective comb to remove the hair in a controlled setting.  Also, cover your pet's favorite furniture with easily washable blankets or covers. 

New house cleaning methods

October will be a quieter month for us.  We will be spending some time researching new house cleaning methods, to evolve, and to serve our clients better.

Recently we came across the mechanical cleaning brushes that save time and reduce the amount of chemicals that is required.  The idea sounds good and they are not damaging to the surfaces.  Whether they will be as effective as a simple scrubbing by hand remains to be seen.  We have purchased various devices and will be experimenting in our own homes.

My husband once told me that some day all house cleaning will be done by robots.  That day seems to be very far away.  But a little bit of technology is making its way into helping us to clean people's home, here in Las Vegas.  

7 awesome things to make your life more Superb

We just wanted to share some awesome stuff we found recently, to make your life a little bit more Superb:

  1. These high-speed photos of dogs shaking off water  :P
  2. Amazing deal on double-hammock at  Only costs $59, which is $190 off! We got one and it's constantly occupied by our family members, including our cat.
  3.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has recently been re-opened after 1.5 year renovation. It's 7-story high, has cool app that recognizes where you are and tells you about specific piece you are in front of, and is filled with amazing art.  In this painting, Frida Kahlo drew her shoes as tiny and delicate, in comparison to Diego's giant shoes.  Much love and reverence! 
  4. An awesome movie "A man from U.N.C.L.E."  It's funny, original, beautifully done and features gorgeous and talented actors.  Spoof on James Bond movies. Available on Netflix! 
  5. One of our favorite food stores is Trader Joe's.  Hawaii people make pilgrimages to it before going back to the islands because everyone loves TJ's over there.   Recent discoveries include roasted hazelnuts from Oregon and dry apple rinds from New Zealand.
  6. We found a great authentic Japanese ramen place in Henderson and drive there once a week from Centennial Hills!  It's called Monta Chaya and their noodles are a perfection.    
  7. Finally, here's an awesome Russian opera diva Anna Netrebko performing Casta Diva.


New team

Last week we were able to hire all of the new maids we were hoping for.  It was a long but satisfying process.  Most of the people were recommended to us by the current and former employees.  It's a great honor for us to have their trust and support.

All of the new team members are experienced maids and house cleaners but will be undergoing training to bring them to Superb Maids standard.  We promoted Marion to a supervisory position and she will be assisting us with that. 

Our training process starts with orientation on safety rules, protecting employees' health and clients' property.  Then we continue on with rigorous supplies training and our house cleaning techniques.  After two months, voila - you have a new Superb Maid!



Hiring new Superb Maids!

Because of the growth of our company, we are looking to add 6 members of our team.  Las Vegas is teaming with people looking for housekeeping jobs.  Yet, it's difficult to find those special people who have empathy, strength, knowledge, and skill to be a Superb Maid.  Last few days were exciting because we found a few people who look very promising.  Out of a hundred of applicants, we will invite a dozen for an interview, and a handful for a trial job. One or two will be offered a position.  Those few will be trained, supported, loved, and nurtured.  And - ta-da - will become a Superb Maid!  (It takes about two months). 

This is our housekeeping job/ maid employment ad:

Do you want to work:

1) with supervisors who like and respect you?
2) with best maids in Vegas who have amazing cleaning skills and love their work?
3) for company that accommodates your schedule, so you can spend time with your family when you need it most?
4) in stress-free environment for clients you like and with co-workers you choose?
5) making a good living with full-time hours and great pay?

Our rapidly growing residential cleaning company specializing in upscale homes is looking to add to our team of 30 top-notch professionals. We are fun, energetic, and kind company and we are looking for similar people to join us. We hire only the best of the best and treat them very well. Our company offers:

  • great compensation, generous bonuses and tips, travel time pay
  • flexible schedule
  • friendly, family-like working atmosphere
  • respect and support of the supervisors and co-workers
  • safe, non-toxic products
  • safety rules and policies protecting your health
  • pride from belonging to elite team of professionals, best in Vegas

We require:

  • clean background
  • driver's license
  • reliable transportation
  • 2-5 years of experience as a professional maid
  • great attitude
  • willingness to learn



8 house cleaning chores that a toddler can do

Recently, I came back from a family vacation and visiting our good friends.  Their 5-year old daughter (who is a little genius) helped her mom cut vegetables for a salad.  She used a real knife and did it as a pro.  Meanwhile, I almost had a heart attack watching her.  "Montessori" - her mom said.  My 4-year old is not that advanced.  But he is surprisingly helpful around the house.  I started experimenting on things he can actually do.  And here are the top 8 house cleaning chores that a toddler can do:

  1. Clean his toys.  Many times moms and dads look at the entire floor covered with play dough, Legos, papers, balls.  There is no way a little kid can clean all of that up properly, right? Wrong. He can.  Just try asking him a few times or offer a small reward.  You will be amazed at the results.
  2. Water the house plants. Our son enjoys watering the plants (and the ground) in our garden with a hose.  But even the house plants can be watered by a toddler without drowning them.  He can use a small water bottle and have fun with it.
  3. Line up the shoes in a shoe cabinet.  Toddlers are close to the ground.  We can use it to our advantage!  It's educational to pair up shoes, too, right?!
  4. Fold the laundry.  I know, the laundry folded by a toddler looks very similar to the laundry that was not folded at all.  But it's very cute. And teaches them important habit of keeping their clothes neat and organized.
  5. Get and open the mail.  This one is just fun.
  6. Run the washing machine and a dryer.  Toddlers love the buttons and have great memories.  You can teach them to run the washer and dryer.  Just watch out so they don't add a cat to the drying cycle.
  7. Unloading the dishwasher.  OK, we don't use the dishwasher.  But my friend's daughter unloads her dishwasher.
  8. Put away the groceries.  This is an easy task.  And a lot of fun.  Plus, your little one will remember where the marshmallows are and can get them himself, without asking you.  Not sure it's a good thing though ;). 


Best maids in Vegas?

We just discovered that our company comes out as the top result when searching for "Best maids in Vegas."  One of our clients mentioned that she found us this way and I looked.  Now doing a happy little dance.  

We are far from the most perfect house cleaning company in Vegas. Sometimes we forget to clean something.  Or drop and break something.  We try hard not to, but things happen.  Yesterday was a long day.  With a team member out sick and another one making a mistake.  But it's all worth it when we get a smile from a happy client.  Or nice words of gratitude. 

I believe that our employees are truly the best maids in Vegas.  Best house cleaners. Most empathetic.  Trying the hardest.  We are happy to have them!

Best product for cleaning the hardwood floors

Recently, we have been experimenting with different products cleaning the hardwood floors.  We've tested cleaning the floors with just plain water v. Murphy Oil, Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds, and Bona.  

1) Murphy's Oil was by far the cheapest of all of the products.  Especially considering that it is sold in concentrate and needs to be heavily diluted to clean the floors.  If diluted well, it gives the floors a subtle sheen.  If too concentrated, however, it leaves an unpleasant residue.

2) Sal Suds was the most expensive one, at $18/bottle.  It is highly rated and supposedly eco-friendly (although the main ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate).  It has a pleasant smell, but we didn't notice any appreciable advantage in terms of cleaning quality compared to Murphy's Oil.

3) Bona was priced in between the first two products.  It is readily available in most stores like Walmart, Home Depot, or Target.  While it's a bit pricey, we found it produces the best cleaning results.  Our floors were left squeaky clean and at the same time very shiny and beautiful.  

Therefore, we recommend Bona as our current favorite for cleaning the hardwood floors.

Worthy of success

My old boss used to say (paraphrasing John Adams): We can't guarantee success, but we can be worthy of it.  This is our philosophy when we perform very well in our house cleaning service in Las Vegas, and it's the same philosophy we maintain when we make mistakes.  

Every house cleaning client and every home is different.  And occasionally we don't meet the expectations.  Whenever that happens, we go out of our way to make things right.  We write apologies, we issue refunds, we give small gifts to make our clients feel better about placing their trust with us.  Recently, we've had an amazing experience where the client was very gracious and very kind about accepting our apology.  It made us very happy!  We never expect anything in return, not even retraction of criticism.  It's enough for us to understand that we did everything that WE can to be worthy of success, that we did the right thing.  

Trying out the new house cleaning service here in Las Vegas and Henderson (both large cities) is nerve-racking for every client.  People open their doors to strangers.  They also want to make their environment better: healthier, more beautiful, more welcoming.  We really, truly appreciate it when people give us a chance.  We also appreciate the feeling of treating every client well and of always doing the right thing.  It feels great.

Coming to Paradise

Today I chatted with my friend in Honolulu.  She is a realtor for a luxury real estate company and they have been asking for us to open an office in Honolulu.  We're planning on doing it this Fall. Since I've lived in Hawaii for 10+ years and have many connections in legal, business, and medical world, it makes a lot of sense.  Vegas also has a strong connection to Hawaii, as so many kama'aina have relocated here, we call it the Ninth Island.  (In fact, we've had our poke fix in our favorite spot for lunch today).  It's an exciting prospect.  

For the next couple of months, we will focus on tightening up our Las Vegas operations: we've had an incredibly busy June, cleaning large houses for move-outs and move-ins, and our staff is exhausted.  We will probably reduce our weekend appointments and add more staff to existing house cleaning appointments during the week.  Currently we are booked one week in advance, which is great, considering it's summer - a slow season for most service companies.   Stay tuned!

Turning tide

Couple of weeks ago, we've made some operational mistakes - we got so busy, that we've sent one of our newer teams to the jobs unsupervised.  They were experienced house cleaners, just new to our company and not fully conscious about the standards that our clients came to expect from us.  The results were costly - negative feedback from clients, refunds, damage to our reputation.  The most painful part was loosing one of our very good old clients.   

Cleaning homes to perfection is not an easy task.  It requires mental strength and physical stamina, empathy and compassion towards the clients,  and curious and persistent mind that likes to solve myriad of small problems.  It's much harder than to do house keeping in hotels.  But our team is truly amazing in that they can pull together and do an outstanding job, nearly every time, no matter how vast or challenging is the task. 

So, we turned it around.  We got more supervision on the ground.  We rallied our teams to overcompensate our clients with stronger effort and better results.  The results were immediate: clients call and write to us about how happy and grateful they are.  I'm so proud of our team, I truly am.  They continue to amaze me every day, going above and beyond of what's required.     

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