Worthy of success

My old boss used to say (paraphrasing John Adams): We can't guarantee success, but we can be worthy of it.  This is our philosophy when we perform very well in our house cleaning service in Las Vegas, and it's the same philosophy we maintain when we make mistakes.  

Every house cleaning client and every home is different.  And occasionally we don't meet the expectations.  Whenever that happens, we go out of our way to make things right.  We write apologies, we issue refunds, we give small gifts to make our clients feel better about placing their trust with us.  Recently, we've had an amazing experience where the client was very gracious and very kind about accepting our apology.  It made us very happy!  We never expect anything in return, not even retraction of criticism.  It's enough for us to understand that we did everything that WE can to be worthy of success, that we did the right thing.  

Trying out the new house cleaning service here in Las Vegas and Henderson (both large cities) is nerve-racking for every client.  People open their doors to strangers.  They also want to make their environment better: healthier, more beautiful, more welcoming.  We really, truly appreciate it when people give us a chance.  We also appreciate the feeling of treating every client well and of always doing the right thing.  It feels great.