What it's like to do house cleaning in Las Vegas

We love our job - it's hard, but also rewarding and a lot of fun.  We meet different cleaning companies' owners throughout the country and the world.  It's fascinating to see how things are for them.  For us, the unique experiences for Vegas house cleaning company are:

  1. Gated communities galore.  Vegas must be the city with the most gated communities in the US.  Some gates are just barely there, others have full on security, stricter than a White House.
  2. Amazingly diverse clients from all walks of life.  Part of what makes our jobs fascinating and fun is the sheer variety of people we service: all ages, all races and nationalities, different tastes, all income levels and families, different pets.  Even raccoons!
  3. Large amount of move out cleanings.  Vegas is such a transitory city: people move in and out, trade their house up or down, move away, move up, move in.  Gotta love it. 
  4. Clients are generous tippers.  It's a service town, so the culture is to tip and to tip well.  Especially when one sees how hard our teams work. 
  5. Abundance of great employees.  Vegas has a strong appeal for people who have a sense of adventure and who love freedom.  So many people move here, including some great house cleaners.  

We think Las Vegas house cleaners have some of the most interesting jobs compared to their colleagues in other places. At least that's what we think!