Vacation rentals cleaning

Recently, we've been getting an increasing number of vacation rentals' cleaning requests.  How is that type of cleaning different from the regular house cleaning in Las Vegas?

  1. Most important requirement - treating the property as if you were the owner.  When we clean the vacation rental home and see something is wrong, missing, or just off, we immediately take action to correct it as soon as possible.
  2. Availability is critical when it comes to cleaning vacation rental homes.  For our clients, this is a business. The sooner the property can be cleaned and available for next guests, the better.  This means a larger crew on a short notice sometimes is needed.
  3. All-inclusive service is required.  When it comes to vacation rentals cleaning, the property must be ready for guests completely.  This means not only the basics must be covered - like clean floors, kitchen, bathrooms, but also patio, front porch, linens, etc. 
  4. Prompt communication is key.  Vacation rentals' clients need responsiveness.  Many times they are out of state and need responses about the status of their property right away. 

Generally, vacation rental cleaning is not that different from the regular house cleaning in Las Vegas.  But additional layers of customer service support are a must!