Turning tide

Couple of weeks ago, we've made some operational mistakes - we got so busy, that we've sent one of our newer teams to the jobs unsupervised.  They were experienced house cleaners, just new to our company and not fully conscious about the standards that our clients came to expect from us.  The results were costly - negative feedback from clients, refunds, damage to our reputation.  The most painful part was loosing one of our very good old clients.   

Cleaning homes to perfection is not an easy task.  It requires mental strength and physical stamina, empathy and compassion towards the clients,  and curious and persistent mind that likes to solve myriad of small problems.  It's much harder than to do house keeping in hotels.  But our team is truly amazing in that they can pull together and do an outstanding job, nearly every time, no matter how vast or challenging is the task. 

So, we turned it around.  We got more supervision on the ground.  We rallied our teams to overcompensate our clients with stronger effort and better results.  The results were immediate: clients call and write to us about how happy and grateful they are.  I'm so proud of our team, I truly am.  They continue to amaze me every day, going above and beyond of what's required.