How to find housekeeping jobs near me?

We get this question all the time.  Housekeeping jobs provide schedule flexibility, opportunity to help people by giving them a clean and healthy environment to live in.  It's physical and is a great exercise.  And it pays surprisingly well!  So, how do you find housekeeping jobs?

  1. Go to Yelp or Google and search for the top-rated housekeeping companies.  Read the reviews carefully to get a sense on how the clients feel about the company.  Are they happy or are they complaining that the company lacks integrity?  How does the company respond to reviews? Aggressively or with understanding and compassion?
  2. Call and e-mail to the companies that are your top choice.  Ask them if they're hiring (chances are - they are!) and what is the application process.  Send them your resume and any letters of reference that you may have.
  3. Follow up on your application - housekeeping companies are very busy and occasionally may overlook an e-mail or forget to return a phone call.  Be sure to gently remind them about yourself.
  4. Attend the interview - be punctual, show great attitude, wear neat clothes, and be proactive.  Attitude is what any employer is looking for, above experience and anything else!
  5. If you are given a job test, clean with energy and positive attitude, don't complain or act like you're doing a great favor.  Again, follow up on your application and if the answer is no, ask for a second chance or a trial period. Many times you will get it.