Coming to Paradise

Today I chatted with my friend in Honolulu.  She is a realtor for a luxury real estate company and they have been asking for us to open an office in Honolulu.  We're planning on doing it this Fall. Since I've lived in Hawaii for 10+ years and have many connections in legal, business, and medical world, it makes a lot of sense.  Vegas also has a strong connection to Hawaii, as so many kama'aina have relocated here, we call it the Ninth Island.  (In fact, we've had our poke fix in our favorite spot for lunch today).  It's an exciting prospect.  

For the next couple of months, we will focus on tightening up our Las Vegas operations: we've had an incredibly busy June, cleaning large houses for move-outs and move-ins, and our staff is exhausted.  We will probably reduce our weekend appointments and add more staff to existing house cleaning appointments during the week.  Currently we are booked one week in advance, which is great, considering it's summer - a slow season for most service companies.   Stay tuned!