8 house cleaning chores that a toddler can do

Recently, I came back from a family vacation and visiting our good friends.  Their 5-year old daughter (who is a little genius) helped her mom cut vegetables for a salad.  She used a real knife and did it as a pro.  Meanwhile, I almost had a heart attack watching her.  "Montessori" - her mom said.  My 4-year old is not that advanced.  But he is surprisingly helpful around the house.  I started experimenting on things he can actually do.  And here are the top 8 house cleaning chores that a toddler can do:

  1. Clean his toys.  Many times moms and dads look at the entire floor covered with play dough, Legos, papers, balls.  There is no way a little kid can clean all of that up properly, right? Wrong. He can.  Just try asking him a few times or offer a small reward.  You will be amazed at the results.
  2. Water the house plants. Our son enjoys watering the plants (and the ground) in our garden with a hose.  But even the house plants can be watered by a toddler without drowning them.  He can use a small water bottle and have fun with it.
  3. Line up the shoes in a shoe cabinet.  Toddlers are close to the ground.  We can use it to our advantage!  It's educational to pair up shoes, too, right?!
  4. Fold the laundry.  I know, the laundry folded by a toddler looks very similar to the laundry that was not folded at all.  But it's very cute. And teaches them important habit of keeping their clothes neat and organized.
  5. Get and open the mail.  This one is just fun.
  6. Run the washing machine and a dryer.  Toddlers love the buttons and have great memories.  You can teach them to run the washer and dryer.  Just watch out so they don't add a cat to the drying cycle.
  7. Unloading the dishwasher.  OK, we don't use the dishwasher.  But my friend's daughter unloads her dishwasher.
  8. Put away the groceries.  This is an easy task.  And a lot of fun.  Plus, your little one will remember where the marshmallows are and can get them himself, without asking you.  Not sure it's a good thing though ;).