7 awesome things to make your life more Superb

We just wanted to share some awesome stuff we found recently, to make your life a little bit more Superb:

  1. These high-speed photos of dogs shaking off water  :P
  2. Amazing deal on double-hammock at Walmart.com.  Only costs $59, which is $190 off! We got one and it's constantly occupied by our family members, including our cat.
  3.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has recently been re-opened after 1.5 year renovation. It's 7-story high, has cool app that recognizes where you are and tells you about specific piece you are in front of, and is filled with amazing art.  In this painting, Frida Kahlo drew her shoes as tiny and delicate, in comparison to Diego's giant shoes.  Much love and reverence! 
  4. An awesome movie "A man from U.N.C.L.E."  It's funny, original, beautifully done and features gorgeous and talented actors.  Spoof on James Bond movies. Available on Netflix! 
  5. One of our favorite food stores is Trader Joe's.  Hawaii people make pilgrimages to it before going back to the islands because everyone loves TJ's over there.   Recent discoveries include roasted hazelnuts from Oregon and dry apple rinds from New Zealand.
  6. We found a great authentic Japanese ramen place in Henderson and drive there once a week from Centennial Hills!  It's called Monta Chaya and their noodles are a perfection.    
  7. Finally, here's an awesome Russian opera diva Anna Netrebko performing Casta Diva.