Top 10 Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

This is a guest post by Abel. He is the owner of Cleaning Tribe, which provides high quality house cleaning & maid services in Los Angeles.
Let's face it, most of us don't get much joy out of cleaning. The chances are that you'd much
rather be spending some quality time with your family, or relaxing after a hard day at work, rather
than scrubbing your floors or getting stains out of worn old carpets.

A cleaning team can tackle some of the bigger jobs on your behalf. However, to help you get by
in the meantime, here are a few quick cleaning hacks that could make your life a little easier.

1. Use Citrus to Give your Microwave Zing
If you want to deodorize, clean, and sanitize your microwave in one go, all you need is a little
lemon juice. Simply mix water and lemon juice in a microwave-friendly bowl, and let it heat up
in your microwave for five minutes. The steam will get rid of all the nasty stuff, so you can just
wipe the inside down when it's done.

2. Use a Squeegee to Save your Vacuum
Rather than vacuuming for hours just to get pet hair out of your carpet, try using a squeegee to
collect that unwanted to fur in no-time. If you don't have one, a standard set of rubber gloves
could speed the task up too.

3. Eliminate Clutter
Cluttered rooms attract dust, and they're hard to clean. If you want to avoid dirt (and spiders
lurking in your storage rooms), get rid of clutter whenever you can. Donate the things you don't
need or put certain valuables in storage.

4. Collect Broken Glass with Bread
When you accidentally smash something in your kitchen, it can be tough to make sure you've
swept up all the shards. Grab a piece of bread, and gently press it down on the floor to pick up
any remnants you might have missed.

5. Spruce up your Silverware
If you've got company coming around and you're too embarrassed to show off your tarnished
silverware, you can try cleaning it up quickly with a dose of ketchup. A bottle of generic ketchup
should be enough for a few cleanings.

6. Use Vinegar for Limescale
If soap and limescale have built up on your shower heads, simply soak them overnight in a
mixture of half vinegar, half water. In the morning, you can simply wipe them clean for
sparkling-fresh attachments.

7. Prevent Trash Tragedies
Trash cans are often brimming with germs that can cause illness and disease. To keep germs from
spreading, place balls of newspaper in the bottom of your garbage bags to absorb liquids, so they don't drip everywhere when you go to move the bag outside.

8. Use Kitty Litter in your Garage
If your garage floor is looking past its best thanks to oil and fluid stains, you can use kitty litter to
soak up the mess. Once you're done, simply sweep the litter away for a refreshed look.

9. Clean Blinds with Dryer Sheets
If you're struggling to get the dust off your blinds, dryer sheets could be the answer you've been
looking for. All you need to do is run them across dirty blinds, and these little sheets will draw
dust to themselves like moths to a flame.

10. Try Onions on the Grill
Keep your grill looking great by rubbing half a white onion on it when it's slightly heated. This
will remove some of the carbon build-up and season the grill at the same time.

Pour Conclure

And there you have it. Ten cleaning hacks you can implement starting today to make your life
easier & be that much closer to cleaning like a true pro.

Which hack are you going to implement today? Is it using citrus in your microwave for a faster
efficient clean? Or will it be using a squeegee to save your vacuum?

Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!